Collaborating for climate action

Reducing emissions is critical for meeting net zero targets, protecting our environment and ensuring a sustainable future.

Through the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI), Saudi Arabia aims to bring together regional stakeholders to achieve more than a 60% reduction in emissions from regional hydrocarbon production. To achieve this, MGI will facilitate collaboration on the highest levels of government to enable businesses and civil society to scale up carbon capture, invest in the green economy and encourage innovation and growth in renewables.


Taking proactive steps towards reducing regional emissions

Saudi Arabia believes that MGI can enable a new era of cooperation and knowledge transfer between countries to catalyze tangible positive global impact. To this end, MGI works to create an action plan that will promote climate-friendly policies and investments, and expand the infrastructure and capacity for climate action within the region.

Action 1

Rally the region

Uniting regional leaders towards the shared goal of creating a cleaner, greener future.

Action 2

Enhance MENA CCE expertise

Establishing centers to catalyze innovation and boost implementation of the circular carbon economy framework.

Action 3

Invest in cutting-edge carbon capture solutions

Working alongside MGI partner countries to establish a regional carbon capture, utilization and sequestration hub.

Action 4

Reduce the impact of cooking on emission levels

Enabling access to clean fuel sources for cooking will play a key role in improving the lives of millions of people.

Action 5

Commitment to funding

Initiating a regional fund dedicated to investing in Circular Carbon Economy technology solutions will spur a new era of green innovation.

Bringing many initiatives together under a common goal

The Middle East and Africa’s involvement in the fight against climate change is critical not just for the region, but for the world.

The goals set under the Middle East Green Initiative are inspiring countries to do more to make a carbon free future possible, not only to help the region, but to engender global impact.

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