Protecting Saudi Arabia’s precious natural ecosystems

Ensuring the Kingdom’s unique and varied landscapes and natural resources are preserved for future generations.

Under the Saudi Green Initiative, Saudi Arabia has committed to protecting 30% of its terrestrial and marine area by 2030. Working in partnership with internationally leading biodiversity protection organizations such as the IUCN, this ambitious target will ensure that abundant wildlife and pristine landscapes will continue to define the natural ecosystem in the Kingdom.

sgi target

Protecting land and sea will support Saudi’s diverse flora and fauna

Efforts across the Kingdom are already having a positive impact.
  • 66,000 km2

    Of land and sea currently protected

  • $25 Million

    Dedicated to preserving the Arabian leopard

  • 1,200+

    Animals rewilded in 2022

  • 6,693 km2

    'No-take' Marine Protected Area to be established on Red Sea coast

Working to protect the natural world

Action 1

Ongoing monitoring and evaluation

Developing detailed programs to assess and track the effectiveness and impact of protected areas.

Action 2

Supporting critical ecosystems

Determining categories and types of terrestrial and marine protected areas to protect critical ecosystems and vulnerable species.

Action 3

Collaborating with experts

Consulting with stakeholders associated with protected areas to develop and implement area master plans.

Action 4

On-ground and high-tech solutions

Delineating terrestrial and marine protected area boundaries through field visits, aerial photographs and remote sensing techniques.

Action 5

Catalyzing job creation

Securing budget for staff recruitment and training to ensure appropriate management of protected areas.

Committed to safeguarding land and sea

saudi map


16.9% of Saudi’s land and sea under protection


30%of the Kingdom's land and sea protected
  • Royal Natural reserves
  • Natural reserves
  • AlUla Natural reserves
  • SGI new Initiatives

One target, many contributing initiatives

man under sea

Saudi Arabia will achieve the target to protect 30% of land and sea through a phased establishment of new protected areas. At present, dozens of initiatives run by government entities, NGOs and private sector organizations are working towards this goal. The protected areas cover a variety of geographies, including deserts, forests, mountains and coastal areas.

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