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A whole-of-society effort to accelerate progress

SGI Forum is back on the 4th December with a strong lineup of speakers. The SGI Gallery will be open throughout COP28 and is hosting a new daily speaker series, SGI Talks.

SGI Forum - 4 December

Taking place during COP28, the third edition of SGI Forum will convene policy makers, thought leaders, and climate experts to share insights on how to address climate challenges and secure a greener future

SGI Gallery - 30 November to 12 December

This year, SGI Gallery will be open throughout COP28, showcasing the range of initiatives and projects being championed across The Kingdom.

SGI Talks - 30 November to 12 December

A new daily speaker series, SGI Talks, will be unveiled in the SGI Gallery. The Talks offer an opportunity for audiences to listen to and engage with international and Saudi climate experts on the sustainability trends that matter.

SGI Forum 2023 in focus

A closer look at this year’s key themes


In the year of the global stocktake, the SGI Forum 2023 will focus on some of the most critical sustainability themes from the energy transition and protecting our seas, to unlocking climate finance to enable climate action.

Energy in transition

Globally, it is essential that clean energy potential is realized, while carbon emissions are reduced. This year, the Forum will explore the energy transition and the trends shaping the future of energy.

The innovation imperative

Innovation is essential to overcome sustainability challenges. This pillar of the Forum program will focus on the different sectors being transformed by new thinking and the importance of investment for continued progress.

Financing the gap

Climate finance will be a critical theme in the year of the global stocktake. Systemic as well as sector specific challenges will be discussed as speakers grapple with how to deploy the capital required to meet the scale of the need.

Sea Change

This year, the importance of blue ecosystems and the blue economy will take center stage. Discussions will take place on how these important environments can be preserved whilst safeguarding the communities who rely on the seas for their livelihoods.

Afforestation and regeneration

The importance of tree planting as a way to combat desertification, land degradation and the loss of biodiversity will feature at the SGI Forum, SGI Talks and in the SGI Gallery.

SGI Forum 2023 Program

Exploring solutions to tackle climate challenges


The third edition SGI Forum will convene climate experts and thought leaders to share insights and, in the year of the global stocktake, offer solutions to  the climate challenges faced globally.

Industrial Plays

From the potential of clean energy to scaling carbon capture, usage and storage, this pillar will focus on the energy transition from several perspectives.

Innovative Transitions

This pillar will consider the importance of innovation to secure a more sustainable tomorrow.

The Financial Architecture of Tomorrow

From sustainable investment to rethinking the financial infrastructure this pillar will be centered on financing climate action.

Coherence for Impact

How do you simultaneously conserve marine ecosystems and encourage the blue economy? This pillar will focus on the fragile balancing act from a range of angles.

Introducing SGI Talks

An expert-led speaker series


New for 2023, and following the official daily themes of COP28, SGI Talks will convene a line up of international and Saudi speakers to discuss the sustainability trends that are shaping the future and offer different perspectives on the challenges we need to address. 

The 30-minute sessions will be held daily within the SGI Gallery, inside COP28’s Green Zone, at 3pm.


SGI Talks will delve into topics from Saudi Arabia’s greening ambitions, to new technologies enabling energy efficiency, boosting food security, and empowering the Kingdom’s youth to drive positive climate action change.

SGI Gallery

Meet the specialists from across the Kingdom


Displaying the breadth and depth of climate action initiatives taking place across Saudi Arabia, the SGI Gallery will showcase current initiatives being conducted under SGI, with insight on the entities, SMEs, and individuals behind the efforts.

Visitors to the SGI Gallery will be taken on an engaging interactive journey that is organized around the Circular Carbon Economy, Vegetation Cover, Protecting Wildlife and Biodiversity and Promoting Sustainability.

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