The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to host the Saudi Green Initiative Forum and the Middle East Green Initiative Summit in October


02 September 2021

An extension of the Kingdom’s leading role in tackling environmental challenges, the events include participation from heads of state and leaders of international institutions

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - 2 September 2021: Driving forward the Kingdom’s leading role in preserving the planet and supporting the efforts of the international community in combatting environmental challenges, the Kingdom will host the inaugural Saudi Green Initiative and Middle East Green Initiative events in Riyadh on 23-25 October 2021. Announced by HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman in March of this year, these two initiatives have been met with international acclaim.

These critical events reinforce the Kingdom’s commitment to making a sustainable global impact in the face of climate change and will enhance its work to protect the environment and the planet at-large. Focused on advancing towards the achievement of global targets, the events will help catalyze climate action in a regionally and internationally coordinated manner.

The Saudi Green Initiative Forum and Middle East Green Initiative Summit will bring together heads of state, public officials, business leaders, academic pioneers, environmental specialists, and civil society.

The Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) and the Middle East Green Initiative (MGI) aim to collectively plant 50 billion trees as well as propel the region towards achieving more than 10% of global carbon emissions reduction targets. The Kingdom's hosting of these two critical occasions reflects its ambition to advance global efforts in combating climate change and strengthen its regional and global role in overcoming even the most pressing environmental challenges. The initiatives will further the Kingdom’s plan to ensure a bright future for our planet and safeguard the health and safety of mankind across the world.



About the Saudi Green Initiative and Middle East Green Initiative Under the patronage of HRH Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Saudi Green Initiative will chart a path for the Kingdom in protecting the planet. With ambitious targets spanning the coming decades, the national initiative aims to improve quality of life and protect future generations by increasing reliance on clean energy, offsetting the impact of fossil fuels and protecting the environment. Through the Middle East Green Initiative, Saudi Arabia will spearhead regional efforts to achieve global targets to combat climate change.

About the Saudi Green Initiative Forum The Saudi Green Initiative Forum rallies the climate action ecosystem to achieve ambitious national targets. The Forum will unveil SGI’s roadmap for delivery and spotlight the Kingdom’s green efforts. Attended by global leaders from all spheres of society, the event will drive action and spark innovative solutions to help tackle climate change.

About the Middle East Green Initiative Summit The Middle East Green Initiative Summit will convene international and regional leaders to motivate consensus to deliver against shared environmental commitments. Springboarding from the national climate commitments enshrined in the Saudi Green Initiative, the Kingdom will work with its neighbors to combat climate change beyond its borders through collective action.

About the Youth Green Summit
The Youth Green Summit is a platform for environmental literacy, advocacy and policy making. Participants will work to shape the future of climate action through interactive activities and provoking discussions.


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