Saudi Arabia establishes annual climate action awareness day

27 March 2024

The Kingdom establishes 27 March as Saudi Green Initiative Day to raise awareness of the positive impact of collective environmental efforts across the Kingdom since the launch of the Saudi Green Initiative in 2021, mobilizing everyone to play a role in creating a greener future

Riyadh, March 27, 2024: Following a Cabinet Decision issued earlier this month, 27 March has been declared as Saudi Green Initiative Day, an annual climate action awareness day to commemorate the launch of the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) on the same date in 2021. The day aims to raise awareness of the Kingdom’s progress under SGI and inspire collective action to create a greener future.

The theme for Saudi Green Initiative Day in 2024 is "For Our Today and Their Tomorrow: KSA Together for a Greener Future,” highlighting the importance of collaborative whole of society action to ensure a sustainable legacy for future generations. Citizens and residents are encouraged to join the movement and make their sustainability pledges on social media using the hashtag #ForAGreenerSaudi. The Saudi Green Initiative Day information pack containing a dedicated 'pledge postcard', along with helpful details on how to contribute to national sustainability efforts is available to download on the SGI website.

The first Saudi Green Initiative Day highlights the positive impact of 80+ public and private sector initiatives underway as part of SGI, which represent an investment of over SAR 705 billion in the green economy. The initiatives have significantly accelerated the green transition, contributing to improving quality of life and creating economic opportunities in new sectors in line with the goals of Vision 2030. Furthermore, SGI initiatives have helped restore natural environments, safeguard unique biodiversity, and protect livelihoods by reducing dust storms and increasing rainfall, combating sand encroachment and desertification.

Progress against SGI’s targets is continuing at a rapid pace:

Target 1: Reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by 278 mtpa by 2030:

  • 2.8 GW renewable energy has been connected to the Kingdom’s grid, generating energy equivalent to powering over 520,000 homes. An additional 8.4 GW of renewable energy is under construction and 3.3 GW is under development, generating energy equivalent to powering an extra two million homes. This increase in installed capacity demonstrates the pace at which Saudi Arabia is accelerating its energy transition to achieve 50% power generation capacity from renewable sources by 2030.

Target 2: Grow 10 billion trees over the coming decades:

  • 49+ million trees and shrubs have been planted and 94,000 hectares of degraded land have been rehabilitated - equivalent to over 146,000 football fields. To reach 10 billion trees across Saudi Arabia, the Kingdom launched a roadmap for sustainable afforestation during MENA Climate Week in Riyadh in October 2023. This landmark two-year feasibility study was conducted following 1,150+ field surveys in collaboration with over 50 renowned experts.

Target 3: Protect 30% of Saudi Arabia’s land and sea by 2030

  • 18.1% of land and 6.49% of marine environments in Saudi Arabia are under protection. More than 1,660+ endangered animals have been rewilded in Saudi Arabia’s growing nature reserves, including Arabian oryx, Arabian and sand gazelles and Nubian ibex. In 2023 alone, seven Arabian leopard cubs were born under the conservation breeding program in Taif. The hugely successful program has nearly doubled the number of leopards under its protection since it started.

SGI was launched by His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Prime Minister, on 27 March 2021 to unify and amplify Saudi Arabia’s sustainability efforts, as a natural extension of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030. The Saudi Green Initiative is a whole-of-society initiative that aims to combat the impacts of climate change, drive sustainable innovation, and protect Saudi Arabia’s natural environments to improve quality of life for future generations.

For full details on SGI and to download the Saudi Green Initiative Day information pack visit


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