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A comprehensive, sustainable approach to safeguard our shared future.

The need to reverse the effects of climate change can clearly be seen across the Middle East and Africa. From increased desertification and dust storms that impact air quality, to dwindling freshwater supplies, rising temperatures and extreme weather events already affect quality of life and economic opportunities. Saudi Arabia is spearheading far-reaching, tailored action and is proud to play a key role in leading international collaborations for a more sustainable global future.

His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman Al-Saud

We are ushering in a new green era for the region; in which we are collectively leading and reaping its fruits, in our joint belief that the effects of climate change are not limited to the natural environment only, but also to the economy and security of our nations.

HRH Mohammed bin Salman,
Crown Prince and Prime Minister of Saudi Arabia
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    Circular Carbon Economy

    The Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) framework is an integrated, inclusive and pragmatic approach to managing emissions. To date, Saudi has implemented more than 30 CCE initiatives across the energy system, enabling climate action while bolstering economic growth.

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    Investment in the green transition

    Saudi Arabia believes it is possible to achieve a responsible transition to net zero, without compromising on economic development. Through an inclusive approach, the Kingdom will generate investment, jobs and opportunities to benefit millions of people.

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    Global collaboration

    Knowledge-sharing and international cooperation is essential in the race against climate change. Saudi Arabia is actively scaling up cross-border efforts to help create a more sustainable future.

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    Whole-of-society action

    Energy transition, land protection and afforestation are important components of climate action. But a shared vision and determination are essential for success. The Saudi Green Initiative is a whole-of-society ambition that is activating public and private sectors and enabling citizens to achieve ambitious national targets.

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About Saudi Green Initiative

A whole-of-society initiative that empowers all stakeholders in Saudi Arabia to create and innovate to deliver a green future.

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About Middle East Green Initiative

Working to scale up regional climate action through cooperation and investment, bringing the region together to collectively contribute towards achieving global climate goals.

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