Uniting the country to address the climate challenge

Following the launch of Vision 2030 in 2016, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has taken decisive steps towards a more sustainable future. Inaugurated in 2021, SGI unites environmental protection, energy transition and sustainability programs with the overarching aims of offsetting and reducing emissions, increasing afforestation and land restoration, and protecting the Kingdom’s land and sea.

SGI roles and responsibilities: putting sustainability first

To deliver the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s sustainability goals, SGI strives to:

  •  Unite work

    Oversee and unite all of Saudi Arabia’s work to combat climate change under one umbrella, with clearly defined goals.

  •  Combine effort

    Combine the efforts of the government and private sector, identifying and supporting opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

  •  Grow green economy

    Grow the green economy - more than 80 initiatives already launched, representing an investment of over SAR 705 billion.

  •  Accelerate transition

    Accelerate the green transition and be a global leader in the implementation of the Circular Carbon Economy approach.

  •  Improve quality of life

    Improve quality of life and protect the environment for the benefit of future generations in Saudi Arabia.

SGI Targets

Clear goals. Measurable impact.

SGI is steering the implementation of a sustainable long-term climate action plan. Three overarching targets guide SGI’s work - emissions reduction, afforestation and land regeneration, and land and sea protection. Since the launch of SGI in 2021, 80+ initiatives have been activated and progress continues every day.

SGi Initiatives

Shaping tomorrow through today’s actions


Many initiatives have been launched to deliver on SGI targets and deepen the impact of Saudi Arabia’s climate action

Saudi's climate initiatives history

2016 2016
Launch of
King Salman Renewable Energy Initiative
2017 2017
Announcement of
The National Renewable Energy program
2018 2018
Launch of
The National Environment Strategy
2019 2019
Creation of
The Special Forces For Environmental Security
2020 2020
‘Let's Make It Green’
campaign to reduce desertification announced
2021 2021
  • Saudi Green Initiative Forum
  • Middle East Green Summit
  • Youth Green Summit
2022 2022
MGI Summit and SGI Forum held on sidelines of COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh
2023 2023
SGI Forum and SGI Talks hosted in the Saudi Green Initiative Gallery at COP28 in Dubai
2024 2024
Saudi Arabia will host UNCCD COP16 in Riyadh
2030 2030
Aim to achieve
  • Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) to reduce carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by more than 278 mtpa
  • 30% of Saudi land and sea protected
  • 600+ million trees planted
2060 2060
Aim to achieve
Net Zero

SGI contributors

Actioning change together

As part of SGI, various institutions and organizations across Saudi Arabia help to scale up national climate action and create new initiatives. SGI's efforts to engage stakeholders across the private and public sectors is crucial in order to meet climate goals. These stakeholders are carefully selected to ensure that their goals and ambitions align with the overall cause that SGI is championing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI)?

Launched in 2021 the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) is an ambitious national initiative for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that aims to combat climate change, improve quality of life and protect the planet for future generations.

SGI activates all engines of society to deliver against three overarching targets - emissions reduction, afforestation, and land and sea protection. At present, 80+ initiatives are being implemented, all representing a huge investment in the green economy.

Since SGI’s inauguration in 2021, the Kingdom’s global commitments have been turned into tangible action and Saudi’s climate action ambitions are on track.

Why was the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) launched?

As a leading global energy producer, Saudi Arabia is committed to advancing the global fight against climate change. Since the launch of Vision 2030, tremendous progress has been made in addressing Saudi Arabia’s unique environmental challenges, but it is clear that there is much more to be done to address climate issues the world is facing.

Announced in 2021, the ambition of SGI is to catalyze and implement a sustainable long-term climate action plan for the Kingdom. With ambitious plans, three key targets and whole-of-society action, SGI is a leap forward within Saudi Arabia’s ambition to become a global leader in forging a greener future.

Who is behind the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI)?

The Saudi Green Initiative is a national initiative under the patronage of His Royal Highness Mohammed bin Salman, Crown Prince and Prime Minister.

How does the Saudi Green initiative work?

The Saudi Green Initiative is a whole-of-society initiative. To support national climate ambitions and targets, the initiative draws on the expertise and resources of the Saudi government, the private sector and civil society.

How will the Saudi Green Initiative (SGI) deliver on Saudi Arabia’s climate ambitions and targets?

As of late 2022, 77 initiatives are being implemented to deliver against three SGI targets. The SGI targets were defined to enable Saudi Arabia to scale up action on all fronts as part of a sustainable roadmap to net zero emissions.

Two focused committees, The Energy and Climate Change Committee and The Environment Committee, oversee the implementation of initiatives against the targets. They also rally the public and private sector ecosystems to ensure coordination and that all efforts uphold the highest international standards.

The first wave of more than 60 initiatives announced in 2021 represented over SAR 700 billion of investments, contributing to the growth of the green economy. In 2022,17 new environment-focused initiatives were launched. More initiatives will launch in the coming years, scaling up Saudi Arabia’s ambition to create a green future.

How can I partner with or contribute to the Saudi Green Initiative?

The Saudi Green Initiative encourages companies, individuals, entrepreneurs and NGOs who are working on sustainability initiatives in Saudi Arabia to reach out through

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