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Climate Action
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Our vision

A greener future and better quality of life

Achieving a green future is a global imperative. Saudi Arabia aspires to enhance quality of life and safeguard future generations at home and beyond its borders. Working toward this goal, the Kingdom is bringing together government ministries, private sector entities and foreign leaders under dual green initiatives, to identify and deliver on opportunities to rapidly scale climate action.

Our Mission:

Shaping the path to a sustainable future

Climate action, energy security and economic prosperity must be treated equally. The Saudi and Middle East Green Initiatives integrate environmental protection, energy transition and innovative sustainability programs to achieve a green future.

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A Greener Planet

Positively impacting global climate goals

As a leading energy exporter with responsibility to help maintain global energy security, Saudi Arabia recognizes the urgent need for climate collaboration.

Under the umbrella of the green initiatives, Saudi will leverage its expertise, champion scientific innovation, and share best practices with the world.

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Follow our journey towards a green future

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